National Shoot-Out Rules and Regulations

National Shoot-Out Championship Rules and Regulations

(Last revision: 3/24/24)

Sign-up on the website Shoot-Out Registration Form for Safety meeting and course access on Friday morning.
Pre-Registration is requested to support planning efforts, and Class clarifications.        
All participants required to have approved Life-Jackets, Kill Tethers, Hydraulic Steering, Helmets, and VHF radios.
Capsule boats must have a signed off inspection prior to entering the water to verify that the safety dive rescue team has inspected and become familiar with any escape hatch mechanisms.
On-Course Safety

  • The area of water selected for the course is based on its protected location. During the designated Shoot-Out schedule, this location is equipped with a full race control staff including a team of EMT Rescue Divers, Medical Patrol Boats, Ambulances, Tow Boats, and spectator Fleet Patrol boats.
  • Green Flag (Enter Course), Yellow Flag (Stand-by for Course Clearing), Black Flag (Course Closed)


  • Total length of Clear Lake is approximately 2.5 miles long
  • Course Length:
    • Approach is approximately 1/8 -1/4 mile to the course ENTRY buoys to allow for MAX 60MPH entry speeds (verified by radar)
    • Official Shoot-Out Course Length is 3/4 Mile (end of ¾ distance is marked with course buoys)
    • Shut-down and turn off area extends for 1.25 Miles beyond the ¾ course end
    • Speed verified by event provided, on-board GPS units with Highest Speed Recall feature.
    • Racer must come off throttles (verified by Race Official by visual and audible confirmation of deceleration) at end of ¾ course distance or run will be disqualified


  • All boats monitor Channel 69 for race direction, running order, and event notices
  • Boats congregate for Mandatory Driver Safety meeting 9am to 9:30am 
  • Hull numbers and order of departure will be designated by lottery and readiness, and commence at 9:AM
  • Single Boat runs will be in order according to readiness and Starter discretion.
  • Exhibition runs will be waved through starting grid as un-official display only runs
  • Boats must receive direction and approval to enter course by Starting Official.
  • Multiple runs are acceptable at the discretion of the Race Director based on timing and course conditions.
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