Gunslinger Poker Run Rules & Regulations

Gunslinger Poker Run Rules & Regulations
REV. 4/18/19


  • OUTLAW CHALLENGE Entry: Boat & Captain + 1 Crew + 1 Gunslinger Game Poker Hand = $395
  • Additional Crew = $125 per person
  • Poker Hands = $40 each (No Limit) – NOTE: Poker Run Game hands may be purchased by Registered Captain & Crew Only (No Limit). PowderPuff = $20 each.


    • Mandatory Driver’s meeting at Barge 295 at 9AM Saturday morning.
    • Each participating boat must provide a copy of their current liability policy and boat registration.
    • Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs / Life Jackets) are requested by event producer to be worn by all occupants during this event while operating your boat above idle.
    • Boat Captain “Driver” is strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol while under the responsibility of operating a boat safely during the event. Any Captain found intoxicated by event producer while operating a boat during the event will be disqualified.
    • The Poker Run is NOT a race. – VHF Channel 69 will be monitored throughout the event.
    • Each card station shall be considered a NO WAKE area, please approach at NO WAKE speed.
    • In case of unacceptable weather on Saturday, the Gunslinger Poker Run will be held on Sunday.
    • Each driver and all boat riders must sign a Waiver Release. This release states: “In consideration of being permitted to participate in this event, the participant will not hold Offshore Thunder Productions L.L.C or Texas Outlaw Challenge liable should they be harmed during the event.”
    • Note: No Refunds

Paul Robinson (281) 702-8744


    • 9 Stops Available (5 Required)
    • Open schedule format boating activity: No specific order of stop
    • All Stops Open at 10:00 AM and Close at 6:00 PM
    • 9:00 AM (Captains Only) Mandatory Safety Meeting + STAMP + Breakfast + GPS Handout at Barge 295
    • 10:00 AM – Poker Run departs Kemah Inlet 

      NOTE: The Gunslinger Poker Run course is recommended for powerboat entries that are 28 ft and larger.
    • Dickinson Bayou: Kenny Armstrong CASA (Friday Only): STAMP + Swimming Pool Stop + Lunch
    • Galveston Bay: Topwater Grill: STAMP + Refreshment + Food + Fuel Stop
    • Clear Lake: Endeavour Marina + STAMP + Fuel Stop
    • Galveston Bay: Bayland Marina/O’Neals: STAMP + Fuel Stop
    • Galveston Bay: Harbor Walk: STAMP + Swimming Pool Stop + Lunch + Fuel Stop
    • Clear Lake: Blue Marlin Fuel Dock: STAMP + Fuel Stop
    • Clear Lake: Barge 295: STAMP + Refreshment Stop
    • Clear Lake: Cabo Club: STAMP + Refreshment Stop
    • Clear Lake: Marine Max: STAMP + FINALE GALA


  • Each location designated a card stop will stamp each boat’s poker event card. Each location will stamp the card with a different stamp.
  • A registered boat will have to make a minimum of 5 locations to collect 5 stamps.
  • Disabled, or boats or crew members with purchased hands unable to complete all stops may transfer their poker event card to any other registered participant for completion of required stops and stamps at any time during the event.STAMPED POKER RUN CARD TURN-IN:
  • The first 5 stamps will redeem 5 cards for each participant that purchased a poker hand(s) and that person will draw 5 cards for each registered hand purchased. If additional stops have been made, the Captain (only) can collect one complete hand for each additional stop made.
  • Game play will start at 6 PM at Marine Max
  • NOTE: Poker Game Event Cards & GPS devices returned and exchanged at Marine Max Saturday by 10 PM

EVENT GAME PLAY (There are 2 different card games at this event.)


  • 5-Card Poker
  • Card hands exchanged for stamps collected are played to produce the best hand for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes.
  • Only registered Participants may purchase hand(s) to be played.
  • There is no limit to the number of Gunslinger poker hands a Participant can purchase.
  • All Poker Run boats to collect a minimum of 5 stamps for exchange at Saturday evening card draw. (All crew members onboard that boat will use the same stamped poker run event card from their boat Captain as proof of boating to the stops.)
  • Additional stamps from making more than the minimum 5 stops can be exchanged for ONE ADDITIONAL HAND FOR EACH EXTRA STOP MADE BY THE CAPTAIN ONLY.
  • Each poker hand purchased is played individually.
  • Any tied hands will be decided by high card cut from a single deck.
  • Prize Winners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd best hands.


  • Buy-in restricted to Captains only (entry to this game sold on-site)
  • Winner-Take-All!

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