Finding the National Shoot-Out Course

Interested in being part of the action of the National Shootout Championship?
Want to view the event from land?  Great viewing from Endeavor Marina/ Cabo and Barge 295 !
Want to view the event from the water? Here is how:
  • If entering Clear Lake from the Kemah Channel, Watergate, Clear Lake Shores, or South Shore Harbor, idle through channel markers into Clear Lake and locate the spectator fleet buoys in the center of the lake in front of Endeavour Marina, anchor or raft up to the spectator fleet.
  • If entering from the north side of the lake (Hilton Hotel, Clear Lake Park boat ramp, Taylor Lake, Lakewood Yacht Club, etc, wait for a patrol boat to escort you across the race course and idle into the center of the lake and make your way (idle) to the spectator area facing Endeavour Marina.
  • Boat should be in position between 8am-9am.
  • Later boats will have to wait at the discretion of the Race Director to cross the course if entering from the north shore.
  • Boats entering from the south side can enter the lake at any time using the existing channel markers and idle to the spectator area.NOTE: There are no spectator boats allowed on the north side of the lake as this is where the race track is located. The on-water spectator area is in the center of the lake facing north to view the track area.

Clear Lake is a NO WAKE ZONE on Friday during the Shoot-out from 9am – Noon!  

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