Ticket Scan App Links

Go ahead now and install QuickMark App on your mobile device.

  • QuickMark (iOS/Android/Windows/Google Chrome browser)
  • Click “Settings” in the bottom right corner when you open this app, scroll down to scan section and beside “Browser” choose the web browser you use on your phone. This app is now ready to use on the day of the event.

On the day of the event, on the device that you’ll be using to check in attendees, open the QuickMark app.  Then open your web browser and go to this link:

Each staff member who will be checking in attendees should then log in to the event’s WordPress dashboard using their staff Username and Password. (list sent to Paul and Jola)

TOC Mobile Website Login

Note: both the QuickMark app must be open AND you must be logged into the backend of the website at the same time.  Each attendee will show you a paper with their QR code or a screen shot of the QR code on their phone.  Ensure that the QR code that you wish to scan is clean, undamaged, and held at a sufficient distance for your device’s camera to focus. Scan the code using the QuickMark app.

 TOC Emailed Ticket

 Once it scans the QR code, click blue button “Open URL”. Then the web browser will open and you will see text at the top that says “This ticket is checked in”. 

This is  confirmation that your attendee was checked in successfully. Note: Each person has their own QR code even if the tickets were purchased in a group.

Do not log out of the website, switch back to the Quickmark app and scan your next attendee QR code.

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